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Enterprise SEO for 20+ years


Thousands of product SKUs? Millions of pages? Not sure how to grow?

We can help.


Here are some of our agency strengths:

  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Enterprise Search Engine Optimization - SEO

    - Ecommerce

    - B2B Marketplaces

    - Large Content Sites
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • Google Ads / Microsoft Ads
  • Website Optimization & Landing pages
  • Google Analytics
  • Network of Marketing Experts & Resources

Client Feedback

“Eric has provided essential professional consultation on all aspects of SEO, lead acquisition, digital marketing and the complete sales cycle. He is an authority in the field and a pleasure to work with. I recommend Eric enthusiastically and without reservation.”

  • Ben Hurst
    Director of Philanthropic Gifts
    Salvation Army

“I’ve known Eric for over 10 years. During that time, he’s consistently proven himself as an enterprise SEO and SEM expert. We’ve seen both our organic and paid traffic grow consistently and profitably year over year.”

  • Brian Hogan
    Chief Operations Officer
    Lifescript, Inc.

“Eric Darby is an invaluable asset to our company. As a seasoned professional, his deep knowledge of digital marketing has helped our company attain measurable results. His search engine optimization insights and efforts have helped us re-establish and grow our most important SEO rankings on Google and Bing. By implementing Eric’s recommendations on our website of over 300,000 pages, both the quantity and quality of organic traffic have improved.

Eric’s expertise with Google Ads paid search has been extremely beneficial, while reducing overall costs. Eric also helped us remove thousands of fraudulent clicks, resulting in more meaningful clicks for our business.

If you need help with digital marketing, enterprise SEO or Paid Ad Search optimization, we highly recommend Eric Darby.”

  • Stephanie Guzman
    Director of Ecommerce
    Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

“Eric has been a dream to work with! From day one he has dug into our product and offered great strategic suggestions and delivered tangible enterprise SEO results. He’s a great communicator and continues to go above and beyond for our company. We have recommended him to several other companies as well. Thanks Eric!”

  • Grant Lacy
    Product Director

My Approach


Discovery is one of my favorite parts of marketing. I like to get a clear understanding of your brand. What makes you standout in the marketplace? Who are your audiences and buyers? What are you hoping to accomplish? What’s already working and what’s not?


Based on what we’ve uncovered during the discovery stage, we’ll work together to create a marketing plan. What is your budget? How do you define success? Which marketing channels have the best opportunity to achieve your marketing goals?


A data-driven approach is essential for all marketing. Before I implement any strategy, we’ll want to define and prioritize how to measure success. Is it more website traffic, leads, likes, or revenue? I’ll make sure tracking is in place so we can see what’s working.


I get to work and build the marketing campaigns for the channels that fit your budget, have a high probability of reaching your prospective buyers, and meet your goals.


We review the results, and talk about what we can improve. Are the results meeting your expectations? I’ll go back and optimize each strategy based on how it’s performing.


Once we see things are moving in the right direction, we can expand your marketing efforts, revisit budget, and consider new channels.